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JumpStart Technology

We are currently placing applicants throughout all areas of technology from Junior level Help Desk to Senior Engineers as well as C level Executives. We are using a state of the art ATS and constantly working with out of the box developers. We have a database which boasts over 10,000 applicants and a team of Senior Recruiters constantly expanding it.

JumpStart Finance and Accounting

We are a division of The Goodkind group who specialize in accounting and finance. Our Accounting and Finance team is run by an accountant with experience in both public and private positions. We are using state of the art tracking systems and securing positions for all levels of accounting as well as financial positions. The market is rapidly changing and we believe we are ahead of the game.

Why JumpStart

At JumpStart we have a combined level of experience which places us above our competition. Our company is run by numerous placement counselors with over 40 years of experience. We will remain old-school and meet every applicant before sending them to our clients and applicants can rest assured we have visited every client before we take on an assignment.

Recruiting Solutions

Our recruiters will work with you to understand your career path and guide you in the direction you are most comfortable with.

Account Managers

Our acct managers are taught to spend at least a few minutes at a clients office. This helps us to understand the company culture. After our recruiters find the technical expertise needed, we must be able to make sure the applicants are a cultural fit.

35 Years of Experience

With over 35 years of experience in the realm of career services, JumpStart is continuing its growth and has not lost sight of our individual commitment. Treating each candidate with the same courtesy as the last.

Niche Market

We don’t try to do it all. We stick to what we know and that is, IT, Accounting, and Finance. No complications, only solutions. If this is your career path, then get JumpStarted!

Applicant Dedication

We are and will remain old school. We will give our undivided attention to both applicants and clients to assure our service is second to none. We still use the telephone and talk to people.

Client Knowledge

Our recruiters specialize in your industry and understand what makes it unique. This deep expertise helps ensure that the candidates we send to you have the experience and work ethic along with being a cultural fit.

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